Preparing for the arrival of twins…… what do you need???

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

Baby Clothes

How many clothes do the twins require?

How many baby wraps are too many?

When should I get the things ready?

These are some of the questions, which go through the minds of to-be-mommies. But planning in advance, avoids a lot of confusion at the last minute. In case of a twin pregnancy, the time of delivery may vary compared to that of a singleton pregnancy and delivery may occur as early as 7-8 month. Hence its advantageous to be prepared & packed with all the baby clothes and other requirements for the hospital stay. Here is a list of things you will require for your stay in an Indian hospital. Make changes accordingly.

    1. Baby clothes:
      1. Baby Dresses: You can either buy or get them stitched. Also the month of delivery should be kept in mind, for example if its the winters, baby will reqiure warm clothes. I preferred white cotton dresses (which can be used for 6-8 months) and small long sleeves shirts to pull over, if its chilly. Preferable have clothes with strings than with buttons or hooks. You will require about a dozen each.
      2. Baby Wraps: The number depends on if you are going to use disposable diapers or cloth ones for your baby. Personally I prefer the cloth ones since they have less chance of baby having a diaper rash. Avoid atleast till they of 4-5 months. So the number of wraps I required(by not using disposable diaper) was about 2 dozen for each baby
      3. Mittens: about 6 pair for each baby.
      4. Caps: about 2 each
      5. Diapers (cloth): 3 dozen each
      6. Towel: 2 each
      7. White cotton cloth is required to wrap the baby after birth
    2. A Small baby Pillow, can also buy a set Baby mattress with pillows
    3. Pampers / Mamy Poko pants new born baby diapers (XS)
    4. 1 bar of Johnson’s baby soap, I recommend Johnsons tip to toe (avoid using soap, will write another post about this)
    5. 1 small bottle of Johnson’s baby Shampoo
    6. Johnson’s baby powder with powder puff
    7. Baby Mosquito net umbrella
    1. Night gown, preferably shortened
    2. Sanitary Napkins, Preferably Stayfree/Whisper all night
    3. Cotton cloth for padding (can use old cotton sarees)
    4. Shampoo
    5. Soap
    6. Towel
    7. Comb
    8. Bathroom slippers
    9. Lip Balm
    1. Thermos (Prefer Milton) with hot water
    2. Steel Spoon & Bowl, in case baby doesn’t breastfeed
    3. Cotton roll
    4. A small Pair of scissors for miscellaneous use
    5. Plastic cups, plates & spoons à for breakfast, lunch & dinner
    6.  Sugar
    7. Coffee powder or tea bags
    8. Sterillium
    9. Old newspaper for miscellaneous use
    10. Some plastic bags for miscellaneous use
    11.  Goodnight liquidator
    12. Notepad and pen

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