Twin Stroller: A must buy

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

Of all the major purchases I have done for the twins,Twin stroller is one of the best thing I have bought “for myself”. I was rather apprehensive to buy it at the beginning, as most of the strollers (single baby) bought by my friends were not used much.

But let me summarize some of the advantages of buying a twin stroller:

  1. You are never hands free when u go out with the twins, which is not the case with a single baby. Its much easier to do your shopping with the twin stroller once they are more than 10 months old.
  2. Even at home when you are alone, you can make the babies sit in the stroller, put on the breaks, put on some video and carry on with your work. (But don’t leave them unattended)
  3. Can feed them easily sitting in the stroller (If you are planning not to buy the feeding chair)
  4. Its quite easy to carry around, if its a double foldable stroller
  5. Can use it, till they are two years of age.

Some points to note before you make the purchase:

  1. Always check the safety belt. Always buy one with shoulder cum waist belt.
  2. Always check if the tires are made of rubber and not plastic.
  3. Check if all the breaks are working.
  4. Buy one with a reclining seat.
  5. There are not many sites or shops where twin strollers are available in India, if possible you can ask any of your relatives or friends from US to bring one for you.
  6. Rather than buying an unsafe stroller like “Fab N Funky” from first cry, you can check out second hand strollers on OLX or Precared or Quickr and get them cleaned from local car wash shop.

Some good twin stroller brands include:

  1. Good Baby
  2. Mother Care
  3. Chicco
  4. Graco
  5. Target

Where to buy Twin strollers in India?

A. If you are willing to spend a lot more on a twin stroller, I suggest try, which has very excellent quality strollers, here is the link:  Twin stroller in baby products (junglee)

B. If your budget is about 10,000-20,00 rupees, I suggest the following strollers:

  1. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller: This is a good company, with good products; I suggest you buy this stroller. Following are the links where you can buy them:
  2. Goodbaby side by side twin stroller:
  3. Chicco Together Klabber Stroller (If you like a tandem strollers)
  4. Maclaren – Twin Techno W / Scarlet (Charcoal): Maclaren – Twin Techno W / Scarlet (Charcoal) Twins Pram
  1. Little Wanderer’s Twin stroller : At present, its not available

C. Strollers I suggest you DON’T BUY, because of poor plastic wheels and lack of proper safety belts are:

  1. Fab N Funky twin Stroller
  2. New Natraj Avon Twin Baby Pram

D. If you are OK with second hand strollers, you can check out the following. Many of the strollers are rarely used and of good export quality. You can get them cleaned at a car wash shop.

  1. OLX:
  2. Quickr:
  3. Precared:
  4. There are also Baby Gear rental sites, like which rent out strollers, car seats, feeding chair etc. Do check them out.

Following are some photographs of the twin stroller “Goodbaby” which I bought:

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4 thoughts on “Twin Stroller: A must buy

  1. Thank u very much for ur blog sir ,
    What is the difference between Pram and stroller ?
    From wat age can u use them ?
    My babies are a Month old


    1. Pram and stroller are used interchangeably; but, their main difference is that prams are used to carry newborn babies until they’re able to stay up while strollers are used to carry toddlers or infants who are already able to sit up. Another important difference between the two is prams are large and heavy that isn’t a good choice for kid transport once going to the shops or once carrying them within the car while strollers are light-weight and most models of strollers are collapsible. In addition, prams’ carriages are high whereas the strollers’ seats ride low to the bottom.

      There are baby carriages that are hybrid of prams and strollers that are sensible to shop for as you may not have to change the carriage quickly as your kid gets older. However, in selecting the simplest carriage, you ought to consider your child’s comfort.


  2. Hello Gauri,

    The article is very useful. I am confused in buying a crib or cot for twins. Can you sugeest if I need to buy two separate cribs or there are options available for twin cribs? I am due anytime now and would be waiting to hear back from you.


    1. Hi Neha,

      To be frank I never bought a crib/or a cot for my twins. The reasons being:
      1) They clutter the space. With a bed and 2 cribs in a room it becomes too much
      2) The cost of good cribs is too high for two where anyways the twins outgrow them soon
      3) The schedule of twins is so tight that most of the time is spent handling the twins on the bed itself.

      Whereas in my opinion investing in a good twin stroller and baby camera monitors/ CCTV camera is a better option.


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