DIY Activity 10: ‘Peppa Pig and George’ Costume Ideas

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

Slide12My twins are great fans of this series and love to have a pretend play as Peppa and George at home. Peppa Pig is a lovable cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig. Their favorite things include playing games, dressing up, and jumping in muddy puddles. Slide9Their adventures always ends happily with snorts of laughter. Peppa is curious and talkative just like any kid her age and George is just plain adorable. The art style in the series is unique and whimsical, with a storybook-like quality. The stories are also available in board book, story books, craft books formats in addition to other merchandise such as party supplies, soft toys and doll houses. In this post I have shared the costume idea of Peppa and George which I have made of my 3 year-olds.

You will need:Slide1

  1. For the dresses: I have selected two pure cotton fabrics to stitch two dresses in red and blue
  2. For the hair bands (ears):
    1. 2 broad hairbands
    2. Pink coloured paper (velvet paper is preferable)
    3. Wires or pipe cleaners
    4. Glue
    5. Scissors
    6. Marker pen/pencil
  3. For the nose:
    1. Cardboard roll (You can use the inner cardboard of tissue paper rolls)
    2. Pink colored paper
    3. Large decorative button
    4. Glue
    5. Scissors
  4. For the tail:
    1. Pipe cleaners
    2. Pink colored paper
    3. Glue
    4. Scissors
  5. Pink Pajama sets (optional)
  6. Black shoes or yellow boots

How to make it:

  1. The dresses: I have stitched 2 dresses in red and blue in pure cotton fabric. You can also try to make a dress of felt sheets if they are available in large size. I personally prefer to have cotton dresses as they are breathable,can be hand washed and are durable. I have stitched a size bigger so they can be worn for a long time.Slide7
  2. Hair Bands:
    1. Fold a piece of pink sheet and cut out ear-shaped pieces
    2. Cut out 4 of this ear shapes
    3. Add wire or pipe cleaner to the inner side of the shape in a ‘8’ shape fashion
    4. Stick the ears with glue on both the hairbandsSlide2Slide3
  3. Nose:
    1. Cut out the required length of the nose you will need from the cardboard roll
    2. Pierce 2 holes on each side about 1 cm away from the brim
    3. Cover the cut outs with pink paper
    4. Use ribbon or elastic (whichever is comfortable) to wear it over the face
  4. Tail:
    1. Cover two pipe cleaners with a strip of pink paper
    2. Curl up the tail
    3. Attach it to the back of the dressSlide10
  5. You can also use a pink pajama set to give Peppa and George a pink look
  6. You can add black shoes or yellow boots to complete the look

Here are my Peppa pig and George in their costumes!



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