Comparing effectiveness of two types of pertussis vaccines (Cellular and Acellular DPT/DTP Vaccine)

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dpt-vaccineThere is a lot of discussion and comparison between the efficacy of Acellular DPT vaccine and the adverse effects of cellular DPT vaccine. Acellular (painless) DPT was introduced in the late 90s as a replacement of cellular DPT to bring down the number of adverse effects of the later. But recent comparitive studies (done in 2013) show slight increase in the efficacy of cellular vaccine compared to that acellular vaccine. A friend of mine was in a delimma, when her pediatrician suggested her to go for a cellular DPT vaccine as a booster dose, instead of the usually acellular vaccine which her baby had immunized with. This made me to refer and  read a lot of studies regarding the same. I came upon the following article (link given below) which sums it up very well (so no need to for me, to have another write up).Do refer the following artical (with citations) before selecting which type of vaccine to be given to your child : “Comparing effectiveness of two types of pertussis vaccines

To know more about the difference between both the vaccines you can refer to my previous article  “Painful versus painless vaccines- Article on different DPT combination vaccines”

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