School Admissions (Part 2): Comprehensive Comparison between CBSE and ICSE boards in India

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar


In my previous post I have noted down the comparative salient features of the common school boards available in India. The choice of board makes a significant difference in the early development of the child and his/her exposure to the kind of education system that we have. In the Indian education system, two of the most recognised boards of education that one gets to opt for are CBSE and ICSE. In this article I have made a chart comparing the detail points between CBSE and ICSE boards in India.

During the admission process of my twin girls I had narrowed down to these two boards, considering that IB and IGCSE boards do not have great reviews in Pune (2016) and also the state board wouldn’t have a good exposure for competitive exams. Having said that it does not mean they are bad or have lesser standard than CBSE and ICSE, but each child has their own individual personality and needs which should complement the board you choose for them. Both my girls have different personalities, one is a studious kind for whom ICSE was better suited and the other is a free spirited artistic one who would do better in CBSE. Lot of other factors made me choose CBSE for both of my kids, which I will discuss in the next article.

Following is the Chart comparing both the boards. Please do click on the link: Comparative chart of CBSE vs ICSE

The selection of a suitable board for your child can make a lot of difference in their early development and level of exposure that they will get. Every parent wants their child to be in an environment which is conducive to their overall growth. Think, analyze and then take a calculated move.

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