Review: KidKraft Rectangle Table and 2 Chair Set – Espresso

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

I bought this beautiful study table set when my twin girls were 4 years of age, and I am writing this review after 1 year of use. My girls love it, and it has been a great addition to our play area giving it a very functional and inviting space. Picture1Definitely a great buy with a fair price, the quality of the wood is great and the finish is spot on having a sophisticated elegant appearance. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered this table & chair set online, but after assembly (which was unbelievably simple, fast, and straightforward), I could see how wonderful this set truly is. The set is available in two colours- natural and espresso- of which I bought the espresso one. I am noting down the salient features of this set:

  1. Cost: Kid Kraft furniture is mainly imported from the USA, hence the import and delivery charges are added to the original cost. At present it is available on for INR 33,658 (19,686.73+ 13,970.86 Delivery Charge). I bought it on on pre order for half the cost. Do check the charges on different websites before making the purchase
  2. Wood: As far as construction is concerned, the wood is sturdy, has some weight to it (but not too much where it feels cumbersome or unsafe to handle), and doesn’t feel cheaply made at all. The finish is sleek, smooth, and easy to wipe down. The polish may get some scratch marks if roughly used hence I used a transparent plastic cover for the top.Picture6Picture5Picture4
  3. I bought this as a play/writing table for my 4 year-old twins, and it is the perfect height for them even after a year, which was one of my primary concerns. Their legs aren’t cramped beneath the table in relation to the chairs, and as of now, I would estimate that they could still get few more years of use out of this.
  4. The table surface is large enough to accommodate the activities of one child comfortably, and I’d say that two children could sit at this table if they are working on small projects or are eatingPicture3
  5. As per the item description, it comes with two chairs, and you can purchase more individually, if needed. There is also a Square table available with a single chair too.
  6. Both my girls have both climbed on the table and the table had no problem supporting them without tipping. As long as nothing major break happens I could see it lasting years.
  7. One thing to be noted is that the picture in the description of the product shows the chairs have angled legs. Ours were not angled at all. They are perpendicular to the floor. Doesn’t matter much though.Picture7

Overall, this was a fairly priced table & chair set, and I would recommend its purchase for a preschooler/young children. I have been completely satisfied with it.

The following is the product description from the seller’s website:

Our Rectangle Table And 2-Chair Set Gives Kids A Perfect Workspace For Playing With Their Favorite Toys, Working On Homework Or Even Enjoying A Quick Snack.

Technical Details:
Color Natural
Item Weight 14.4 Kg
Product Dimensions 90.5 x 59.7 x 61 cm
Is Assembly Required Yes
Primary material Wood
Capacity 1
Number of Pieces 3
What is in the box? Rectangle Table & 2 Chair Set – Natural
Item Shape Rectangle
Care Instructions Wash lightly with soapy water
Orientation KIQE8
Shipping Weight 14.9 Kilograms
Item Model Number 26681

You can buy this product on at this link: KidKraft Rectangle Table and 2 Chair Set – Natural

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