BOOK REVIEW: Ladybird’s First Favourite Tales series for reading aloud and young readers (Age 2+)

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

Ladybird’s First Favourite Tales series are perfect for introducing young children (Age 2+) to classic stories and fairy tales, and the books are just right for those just learning to read.


I bought this series for the twins when they were around 3.5 years of age and they could read them all by age 4. Each book includes a classic tale written in simple and easy to understand words. Each book is a shortened version with around 29-30 pages. There are plenty of interesting and amusing pictures, and lots of rhyme to help the little ones follow the flow of the story. All the books are hardbound with beautiful thick and glossy pages. The best part of the books is that the whole collection is available on YouTube and for read along, which helped my twins immensely with their reading. Each book costs in the range of 170-200. The only drawback I can think of is that the whole series is not available as a set, and you need to buy each book individually. They are great for reading aloud and very ‘fun’ books for daytime reading.


All the books are available on Amazon.IN. Books in the series include:

  1. Cinderella
  2. Puss in Boots.
  3. Hansel and Gretel.
  4. The Ugly Duckling.
  5. The Elves and the Shoemaker.
  6. Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  7. The Gingerbread Man.
  8. The Three Little Pigs.
  9. The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
  10. Chicken Licken.
  11. The Enormous Turnip.
  12. Jack and the Beanstalk.
  13. The Little Red Hen.
  14. Little Red Riding Hood.
  15. The Magic Porridge Pot.
  16. The Sly Fox .
  17. Little Red Hen.

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