Top 3 Recommended Dinosaur books for kids aged 5-8 years as chosen by Raising Twins

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

Are you ever amazed by a young child’s ability to rattle off dinosaur names such as Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Pterodactyl? Something about these prehistoric animals captivates the imagination of many kids.


Many kids go through phases of what researchers call “intense interests.” One of the most common one is dinosaurs! What’s so fascinating about these prehistoric creatures? Well, for starters, `it’s pretty mind-blowing that new species are still being discovered regularly. The awesomeness of dinosaurs as a children’s book topic is no secret. Dinosaurs are equally appealing in fiction and nonfiction titles. Plus, there are so many curriculum possibilities, including learning about classification, fossils, extinction, and more. There are TONS of dinosaur books for kids, so how do you choose? I have narrowed down this list of our favourites for you. You’ll find a mix of fiction and nonfiction books to delight and inform your young reader.

#Number 1:

The Dino World Series books by OM publications:


This series includes a collection of 10 books. The most wonderful part of this series is that, each book discusses facts about a particular dinosaur in a story format, which makes the reading not only informative but fun. Since one book covers only one single dinosaur, it avoids confusing young readers, still maintaining continuity. Most of the dinosaur book which I have come across are either fictionalised stories about dinosaurs or too detailed for a pre-schoolers. This series just fits right in the 4-6 year old bracket. Each book is a big book with large illustrations and huge font. The language is very simple and can be read by a 5 year old easily. Each book has an average of about 15 pages. The entire series is available in paperback format only. The books are also available in the ebook format. The books are published in India by OM book publication. The only downside is that all the books are not available as a set and have to be bought separately, the cost ranging from ₹ 95 to ₹ 125. Om publication also has another book The Big Book of Dinosaurs, which you can check out. All the books are available on Amazon.IN as follows:

  1. The King Tyrannosaurus Rex: Dino World
  2. The Swift Velociraptor: Dino World
  3. The Spiny Spinosaurus: Dino World
  4. The Winged Archaeopteryx: Dino World
  5. The Thunderous Apatosaurus: Dino World
  6. The Different Allosaurus: Dino World
  7. The Friendly Stegosaurus: Dino World
  8. The Crested Dilophosaurus: Dino World
  9. The Horned Triceratops: Dino World
  10. The Long-necked Brachiosaurus: Dino World

#Number 2:

Dinosaurs: Meet the Giants of the Prehistoric World by Parragon


Once your child grows out of fictionalised stories of dinosaurs and craves more facts about dinosaur this is the right book for her/him. I love the systematic approach of this book. It starts off with an introduction, classification and anatomical characteristics of dinosaurs and continues with explaining about various dinosaurs on each page. The content given is not too much nor less and just about right for 5-8 year olds. I have scanned many dinosaur books, wherein the content is over whelming for this age group. This is a ‘Discovery Kids’ book published by Parragon, is available on Amazon. IN, in hardcover format. The illustrations are computer generated and gripping. The book is 77 pages long and costs around ₹ 1615/-.




  1. Reading level: 8- 12 years
  2. Hardcover: 77 pages
  3. Publisher: Parragon Inc (1 June 2015)
  4. Language: English
  5. ISBN-10: 1472380533
  6. ISBN-13: 978-1472380531
  7. Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 1.3 x 27.4 cm

#Number 3:

100 Facts Dinosaurs by Miles KellyAdobe_Post_20200613_1711440.9360803418657595.png

Key information is presented as 100 numbered facts and supported by superb artwork and photographs. This is a hugely successful and ever-increasing series. Lovely short snippets of information, great illustrations and facts! A must buy book to compliment the above two recommended books.

Available on Amazon .IN, paperback for ₹400/- and hardbound for ₹1356/-


  1. Reading level: 5 – 6 years
  2. Paperback: 48 pages
  3. Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd (1 August 2013)
  4. Language: English
  5. ISBN-10: 1848109121
  6. ISBN-13: 978-1848109124
  7. Product Dimensions: 22.4 x 0.5 x 29.2 cm

#Number 4:

Dinosaurs Window Jigsaw Puzzle Window Paperback – Import, 14 December 2013


Since I highly recommend this ‘book’ I will add it to the list. This is more of a puzzle set than a book. Itis a gem of a puzzle book I came across at a book fair in the twins’ school It’s a cool book with a single puzzle of a dinosaur on every page. It covers mostly the important ones. It’s quite unique in the sense it combines the fun of puzzles and fascination of dinosaurs in one. The only downside of this book is There is no mechanism for the puzzle to be held in place once all the pieces are fitted, but of the cost of ₹ 202/-, I think it will make do. The book is available on Amazon.IN


  1. Reading level: 3.00+ years
  2. Paperback: 10 pages
  3. Publisher: Purple Turtle (14 December 2013)
  4. Language: English
  5. ISBN-10: 9381592004
  6. ISBN-13: 978-9381592007

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