PUMPED UP KICKS | Foster the People | COVER by Ashmi & Avanti Kshirsagar

Watch as our twins Ashmi and Avanti Kshirsagar (Age 7) play their unique and energetic cover of the popular song ‘Pumped up Kicks’.

Please use headphones for better sound quality.

Lead Guitar- Ashmi Kshirsagar
Drums- Avanti Kshirsagar
Bass- Tushar Kshirsagar

Video & Editing – Gauri Kshirsagar
Audio- Tushar Kshirsagar
Produced At home 🙂

See more of our covers: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdQp-ixcrNppLECM47-wQYhKQoEJO1SXj

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