BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS | Green Day | American Idiot|Ashmi & Avanti Kshirsagar | @Raising Twins Blog

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day from album ‘American Idiot’ Arrangement by Ashmi & Avanti

*Original voice all credit to the Official Green day Band (Vocals extracted)

Guitar/rhythm: Ashmi Kshirsagar (Acoustic Guitar with (Zoom G4X effects with acoustic guitars / electric guitar)

Drums: Avanti Kshirsagar (Alesis TurboMeshKit)

Intro Guitar: Tushar Kshirsagar (on Zoom G4X) Audio

Recorded at: Glaz Music Academy Special thanks to: Boiha Glaz Fanai (Music teacher & Owner, Glaz Music Academy, Pune) for All the guidance and help.

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