Flowers and Plants: Easy-to-make charts and project ideas for kindergarteners


My daughters who are 5 year old twins are attending Preparatory class this year. They have a very theme based curriculum in their school with more open discussions and practical knowledge. One of the topic of the month was “Flowers and Plants” and they were asked to bring any article, chart, plant, flower related to the topic. Not only we enjoyed making charts related to this topic, we learnt a lot in the process. The following are the charts we made, which are easy to understand and can be discussed with a 5 year old.


This is a very simple chart showing the parts of the plant with their functions. I made it colourful and attractive using craft paper, seeds and yarn






This chart shows the steps in the germination process from a seed to flowering. The things the plant need to grow are made on a separate panel which can be discussed separately.


What are flowers important? Flowers are not only for ornamental use but have an important role in pollination and various other uses. This chart discusses the various uses of flowers.



This is a simple chart to know the names of flowers and identify them. We took this chart to a garden and a flower shop and tried to identify as many as possible.



This activity includes learning about a new plant, and understanding its needs and taking care of it. I chose specifically a Kalanchoe, which is very easy to take care, blooms everyday, and has quite a nice trivia.



Here is the YouTube video:

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