Detailed cost of vaccination/ Immunization in India (Birth to 10 years of age) – with 2017 updated pdf file download

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar



*DISCLAIMER:  Please do check the ingredients and cost of the vaccine on the manufacturer’s website. Do discuss the vaccine in detail with your paediatrician before making a decision. We DO NOT promote any brands. This article is only for information and discussion. It is NOT an advice column.

In India, there are number of vaccines given to a child since birth right upto the age of five years and each vaccine has a different schedule and dosage. To complicate further every vaccine has multiple brand names which determines its market cost. There isn’t a proper site which lists out the cost according to the Immunization schedule.

Hence to ease out this nerve wracking job of calculating the cost of vaccination each time you visit a doctor, I have compiled a list of various vaccines with their brand names, cost given at each week. So do download the file and relax!!! Continue reading