Exploring the Goan Cultural Significance of the famous Konkani lullaby – ‘Dhol Mujhea Bai’

Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

‘Dhol Mujea Bai’ / धोल मुझ्या बाय is an evergreen and beloved konkani lullaby, which every Goan grew up listening. First released in 1966 from the movie ‘NIRMON’. Originally sang by Shalini Mardolkar, Lyrics by C. Alvares and Music Frank Fernand. In this article I have tried to explore the cultural significance of this song and the movie.

The Konakani movie ‘Nirmon (1966)’ was Frank Fernand’s second production. It had story and direction of A. Salam and music by Frank Fernand himself, dialogues by C. Alvares, screenplay and editing by R. V. Shirkhande. The film stars Shalini Mardolkar, C. Alvares, Anthony D’Sa, Jacint Vaz, Antonette Mendes, Ophelia, Jack Souza Ferrao and J. P. Souzalin.  The film won two National Awards. C. Alvares (Celestino Alvares), known as the “King of Duets” received the award for best actor. This film won the Certificate of Merit for regional films at the 13th National Film Awards, the first of its kind for Konkani. Nirmonn is based on Lord Tennyson’s character from the 1864 poem Enoch Arden. It follows a story of a, destitute woman with three children, who after believing that her husband has passed away is forced to marry a wealthy male she dislikes.

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