DIY Activity 14: WALL-E and EVE amigurumi plush toys

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

In the movie WALL-E, in 2805, Earth is abandoned and largely contaminated with garbage, with its people evacuated on giant star liners. Humans have left behind WALL-E robot trash compactors to clean up, however, all have since stopped functioning, except one unit who has gained sentience and is able to stay active using parts from other units. He is a small mobile compactor box with all-terrain treads, three-fingered shovel hands, binocular eyes, and retractable solar cells for power. Although working diligently to fulfill his directive to clean up the garbage he is distracted by his curiosity, collecting trinkets of interest.  EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), is a sleek robot probe whose directive is to locate vegetation on Earth and verify habitability. She has a glossy white egg-shaped body and blue LED eyes. “WALL·E” is everything we’ve come to expect from Pixar and more- colorful, vibrant, imaginative, exciting, involving, beautiful, and most importantly a film with interesting, involving characters. Most importantly, however, it is perfect entertainment.

Wall E and Eve (in Wall E’s words Evaaa…..) are of  my twin’s favourite cartoon pairs, among their many pretend play toys. WALL-E movie toys are hardly available, especially in India and so tried my hands with amigurumi. The pattern came out quite good for both WALL- E and EVE. Continue reading “DIY Activity 14: WALL-E and EVE amigurumi plush toys”