How is a twin pregnancy different from a normal singleton pregnancy?

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

There is a lot of difference between a twin pregnancy and a normal singleton pregnancy. For example:

  1. The weight gain of the mother is different
  2. You may require more frequent trips to your doctor, say once a month as compared to singleton pregnancy where a visit every trimester is required
  3. You may need more folic acid during the 1sttrimester of pregnancy, do consult your doctor
  4. The morning sickness may me more as compared to a singleton pregnancy
  5. Even the chances of pre term delivery and maternal hypertension are more
  6. They weight of each baby is less than what it would be say if it were a single baby
  7. You may require a Dexamethasone injection at 6 months for the lung development of the babies incase, if there is a premature labour/delivery
  8. Normally mothers-to-be are advised to perform mild exercises during their pregnancy, but in case of a twin pregnancy you may require bedrest or more rest and hence its better advised to consult your doctor first.
  9. A twin pregnancy may deliver some days before than the expected date of delivery, hence be prepared beforehand.
  10. It’s a myth that you need to eat 3 times more, just have nutritious food in proper amount

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