I am an Indian mother of two cute little identical twin girls. As with every parents of twins, we too were in a surprise when we found out we were having twin babies. Since this was my first pregnancy, I had no clue as to what was in store for me…..

Twin parents are doubly blessed, but face quadruple the stress, especially during the first two years. While the rewards of raising twins far outweigh the challenges, it’s still a really tough job, one that requires quick thinking, deep breathing, and just your typical everyday superpowers.

We live in the city of Pune, India and my experience of raising my babies in India has made me realise that we Indian mothers are not quite  lucky enough to have access to good baby products or baby gear here and if we do then they are way too costly & do not fit the budget. So we have to modify or plan according to the things available here in India. Though I must say we have a very supportive family system here and I have made the most out of it.

As I am from the medical field, I have taken utmost care of the twins, in a more scientific and practical way possible. I have referred many medical books, searched for information online, discussed with my paediatrician, spoken to experienced aunts, mothers…..etc.  And it’s not that I have not been bombarded by suggestions and lectures which range from relevant information to superstition on baby care from friends and family, but I chose to find out some logic in it, before trying them out.

Budget is also tighter in raising twins…. It’s always “multiply by 2” before buying anything new. It may be simple thing like a diaper bag to buying a stroller, the cost is always doubled. Hence I have tried to find a balance somewhere by spending more on the most important and necessary things and cutting down on unnecessary stuff.

The most commonly asked question to me, when people see me with my twins is “”Wow, I don’t know how you do it.”…. But the real trick lies in simplifying things, maintaining a schedule, avoiding unnecessary tasks and taking ‘extra’ care to avoid injuries and sickness. At the end of the day when I see my two beautiful healthy kids…I know it was all worth it.  As exhausting as it may be to raise twins, the relationship between them is truly amazing to see. They shared a womb and now they share a life, experiencing every new discovery and adventure together.

Here in my blog I have jolted down my experience of  raising my girls and hope that at least some of it is helpful to mothers-to-be (of multiples or single baby) in taking care of their babies especially in the crucial first year. Trust me it gets easier every day…..


Happy reading & rearing!!!

*Please note that these are the my experiences and reader’s discretion is advised


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  1. Keep up the good work and advise. I am the proud mother of two sets of twins. Girls now 17 going on 18 and boys 23 years old. I live in the US.

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  2. Thanks for your reply

    I tried opening ur link on fb regarding how to multitask with twin and get some time for your own however it isnt working.could you please help me in thag
    Secondly can I start giving nachni to them now as they have completed 3 month
    I am worried for their weight though they are gaining decently..also which formula is best for them as I am giving lactogen to them however my doc says try bf as much as possible but they still feel hungry after bf so I give them 60 or 90 ml lactogen at one feed so how to keep balance between bf and formula
    As in how much milk they should be drinking

    Sorry for bombarding with so many questions as m just worried for my twins



    1. Hi again!

      1)I checked the link, and there seems to be a problem with the post (may have happened after I upgraded the blog). Will try to find the back up. Thanks for noticing:-)
      2)Continue Breastfeeding and formula till they are 5-6 months old (WHO recommendation). 3 months is very early.
      3)I used “dexolac” formula, though lactogen is also good. Try to feed them alternately BF and formula every 2-3 hours. Quantity should be decided on the baby’s capacity. For example if the baby is feeding 60 ml, make 70ml formula and let her decide how much she wants.



  3. Hi gauri

    Even I stay in Pune.loved your blog..I am also proud mother of twin girls non identical.few questions I have

    Which doc are you consulting
    How do you feed them so that they are gaining adequate weight as my twins are born prematurely
    And what precautions should be taken as they are 3 months old Howevr corrected age is 1 month please repl


    1. Hi Farah,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I recommend Dr. Sanjay Lalwani who practices at Pune-Satara road and is also the HOD, Pediatric Dept., BVDU. He very renowned and has an upcoming state of the art pediatric center at pune-satara road.

      There are lot of things to be taken care of in the case of twins, but the most important one I can think of in premature twins is hygiene. Since in case of twins lot of people will be helping you I suggest you make a protocol regarding care like:
      1) Through hand washing
      2) Proper sterilization of feeding bottles and other utensils
      3) Thorough Cleaning of the kids room
      4) Cleaning of toys
      5) Proper disposable of diapers and thorough washing of baby clothes.

      If you have any other specific queries do let me know.
      Thanks and all the best


  4. Hi,
    Congrats and god bless you for being mother of twins!!
    I am from NCR and am carrying twins too.
    My gyne suggested mothers horlicks but I dont like it as its more of sugar than protein.
    I hv been given folic acid iron n calcium supplements. Off late I feel very tired n lathargic with backache. And after some rest I feel normal.
    can you suggest some good protein supplements you had. It would be of great help.


    1. Hi Malini,
      I suggest try “Mama’s best”, which comes in two flavors vanilla & chocolate & can be taken with milk. You can start it in pregnancy and continue even after the delivery.

      I suppose your calcium tablets also contain Vit D3, since that is a must.

      Also I suggest Arginine & DHA supplements for fetal brain development which is available in the market as “ARDIFLOW”. Its available as a combination of a L-arginine sachet and DHA capsules, but do consult your gynecologist before taking them.

      Tiredness & Lethargy is common during the pregnancy, specially in the first trimester. Try having “Thrive RD” mixed in water. But do consult your gynecologist before taking it.

      Do check out my posts on Twin Pregnancy & Getting ready for the arrival of Twins, hope you will find it helpful

      Take Care,
      Gauri K


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