Product review: Lego Classic Brick 10696, 484 pcs

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Author: Gauri Kshirsagar

This was my first Lego classic set purchase, after my 5-year old twins transitioned from Duplo. The 10696 Lego brick is the medium sized one, which I feel is quite adequate for a beginner with 484 pcs. It has wide range of creativity from house, flowers, cars, trains, alligator etc. 20190205_105142This set came with 5 different set of colours. I am happy with the assortment of pieces, some of the smooth finishing pieces, ramps, dot pieces, grated pieces. It had a selection of wheels and hubs, tiny size and medium. Without the tires you can create train wheels. There were several small black windows, without shutters or panes and one tiny arch window. There’s also the smooth painted dot eyeballs.

I love that the box can be used for stackable storage. The Legos are separated into bags and placed into this yellow plastic bin. Once you open the bags, it would probably take up one fifth of the bin. Do not think this bin is coming filled to the top,  that would be hundreds of dollars. The bin itself would be great for storage if you needed, but if you are a colour coordination obsessed being like me, you will have to buy small boxes to keep them from mixing up.

I picked one of these up at 10% off and additional cashback on amazon and was very pleasantly surprised by how much was included, especially the otherwise obscure colours like Bright Light Yellow and Aqua.

The base plate is smaller in size though, for which you may need to buy an extra.

For the Full review of this product, Please watch my youtube video below:

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